What Makes in3 Different?


Our culture model is not a cumbersome list of categories, nor is it a redesigned, souped up personality test. Our model is unique. It is designed to deliver the right amount of detail in as clear a format as possible.


We don’t believe in one culture that fits all organizations. It doesn’t work! Culture is deeply rooted and entrenched in the processes and thought patterns of individuals, teams, or organizations and it takes a lot to shift it. Go here for our PDF that highlights different cultural preferences. Additionally, we understand that every business wants communication, innovation, and/or self-motivated people. We take a step beyond that to where that is understood and acted upon. Further depth of understanding creates longer lasting results.


In³ Consulting Tools solve problems associated with:

Poor performance: Our proprietary tools reveal and explain why divisions, departments or individuals do not perform optimally, and lay out a path for correction.


Failure to Execute: Companies invest heavily in initiatives to boost performance or correct problems, only to endure results that fall short of expectations. In³ tools identify why initiatives fail and focuses the company on appropriate remedies.


Talent Management, Leadership: How often have you heard: “I liked this person the best in the interview; why did they fail once they got here?” Or “I transferred my best executive into my problem division and he left after six months; what went wrong?” There were probably three or four other executives that could have been hired or transferred; which would have been best? In³ tools correct this problem and provide a basis for better decision-making, for the company and the individual.

Click here for the in3 tools list.


Not all consultants are created equal; therefore, not all solutions are created equal. Large consulting firms replicate the same solutions in different organizations in order to create economies of scale. That’s the equivalent of designing a convertible in Florida and then reselling it in Alaska. The client was happy in Florida, why wouldn’t they be happy in Alaska. Big consultancies believe, if it worked in one place, it will work in another, not accounting for the differences in company culture.

In3 Consulting does the right thing for each of their clients based on who they are. We first understand our client’s unique culture and needs. We then create a custom solution based on that understanding. Then we put the right people, in the right seats, focused on delivering the right results, to ensure the solution is sustained.


In3 Consulting will help your company perform better. We have the in-depth knowledge and experience of a major consulting firm with the cost structure of a small one. That means a customized high-quality, reliable solution for you, at lesser cost.

Take the Next Step to your Organization’s Success.