FIT Drives Success

In 2000, founder Don Jastrebski launched in3 Consulting around a culture model. This intellectual framework explains why organizations do what they do and why people, strategies, and systems sometimes work and sometimes don’t. Quite simply, the model unlocks a company’s genetic code. This key component identifies why an employee, customer, or practice fits and why another does not. One size rarely fits all. This key to a company’s culture is the first part of the in3 trilogy, and its foundational piece. However, as important as culture is, its impact on performance and profitability is maximized by bringing into line cultural potential with Capability and Accountability initiatives.

After ascertaining culture fit, the second component, ‘Capability’, comes into play. An organization can be an inspired failure if its ambitions exceed its capability; this component focuses on the talent required to attain inspired success.

Extraordinary talent can still fail if leadership does not structure and focus it appropriately, enabling talent to deliver what the customer truly wants. This is why the third component is focused on the organizational accountability through which strategy must be executed.

To maximize performance, Culture, Capability and Accountability must perfectly align, or, ‘Fit’. Like a strand of DNA, degrees of ‘Fit’ are reflected in companies’ Engagement scores, which mirror the emotional and cognitive attachment of people to their work. Engagement is the essential element that gives work meaning.