inTEGRATION: Capability

Successful training and development is not employees deciding what courses to take to remedy their perceived weaknesses and completing them. It is:

  • Management deciding what capability is necessary to execute the business,
  • Management deciding what’s necessary at the job level and at what proficiency level,
  • Employees comparing their capability to what their job requires, deciding what development projects or courses close their gaps with their job requirements, and successfully completing that.

In3’s inTEGRATE tool incorporates employee performance against their goals, and their potential based on growth in competence, in a 9 Block mode. Their placement in the 9 Block is the basis for their pay, promotability and succession. The inTEGRATE tool also captures the employee’s practice of the company’s values and their individual development plan to drive improvement of all the above. The inTEGRATE tool provides Management levers to drive superior performance. FIT between job requirements and employee capability is critical for cognitive attachment.