Our Mission

We find meaning and purpose in our work by helping our clients find the same in theirs. We focus on:

Values: People perform better when they are valued and treated with respect. Employers, unsurprisingly, value and respect employees who perform better. We help make both happen. We use our framework, methods & tools to foster common purpose and improve performance, thus making organizations and its members successful.

Culture: Great cultures make work more intrinsically rewarding. Cultures, like people have inherent strengths and weaknesses. We identify a culture’s inherent meaning, and significance. Our goal is for people to want to work because they are aligned with the culture and invested in what they are doing.

Fit: People are different, and thankfully so. We all have our strengths and weaknesses, gifts and limitations. The trick is to fuse all that potency & paucity together into a configuration that captures the hearts and minds of constituents and customers alike. We do that—perhaps better than anyone else—because of our unique tools, methods and experience.

Purpose: People want to contribute to something meaningful.  Most want their 40+ hours a week to mean more than a paycheck.  Engagement correlates significantly with a person’s appreciation of their contribution to their organization’s overall raison d’être. We help give them this vision.

What are the results?

  • Engagement, loyalty, reduced turnover and better performance on the part of employees,
  • Organization achievement, and employers who feel good about what they provide to their people.
  • Business success. Our work usually involves creating a win/win/win scenario—good for the employer, good for the employee, good for the bottom line.

Why do we do this

Our work is inspiring!  It gives us a sense of meaning and purpose.  Dealing with big ideas, resolving problems, and developing and working with cutting edge thinking energizes us.

We enjoy the ‘ah ha’ moments when people understand why they do what they do, or leaders understand why they have the problems they have.  We love watching people get excited about their endeavors—seeing them engaged in their work. Helping organizations and people know themselves, play to their strengths, and manage for success gives us meaning and purpose. We make people and organizations successful by helping them find a conviction, purpose, and sense of accomplishment through their shared contributions—at work.