in3 Value Proposition

The neglected source of competitive advantage is People.
In business, execution depends on rigorous frameworks, methodologies, tools & techniques, particularly in Process & Technology. However, with People, execution usually lacks rigorous frameworks, methodologies, tools and techniques because, Leaders, being human like all of us, think they are expert in this area.

The 3 Gaps which cause almost all people problems:

  1. People are not accountable
  2. People are not capable
  3. People do not care enough

People are not accountable because …

  • their job design is out of date or inaccurate, so they do the wrong things
  • they are held responsible for everything without prioritization, so they get frustrated
  • they hide; they do not set goals, or are not reviewed based on the job design

Companies can install a system to make sure this doesn’t happen

People are not capable because …

  • job capability standards were not clearly defined, so they were promoted into a job they could not do
  • they were promoted based on old job performance which was not relevant
  • they are a victim of the Peter Principle—they were promoted to their own level of incompetence, which was unidentified

Companies can install a system to make sure this doesn’t happen

People do not care because they are not motivated …

  • they lack the organization’s values & culture preferences or
  • they work for a boss who lacks the organization’s values or culture preferences, or
  • they are frustrated because their job is too big—they are afraid, or too small—they are bored

Companies can install a system to make sure this doesn’t happen

in3 uses a systematic framework and supporting tools to close the 3-Gaps

The in3’ approach ensures that people:

Are Accountable:

  • creates job profiles to identify responsibilities & prioritize accountability areas
  • provides software to set, measure and reward goals
  • understands the linkage between accountability design and other org. issues

Are Capable:

  • sets organization and job capability standards
  • provides software to identify talent gaps, generate structured behavioral interview guides to identify job candidate talent depth, and set training goals to close gaps
  • understands how to map capability at a macro, not granular, level and its ramifications

Are Motivated:

  • identifies values and culture types to remedy motivation problems
  • provides software to select & promote talent motivated by the organization’s culture
  • understands the linkage between culture and other org. issues

in3 Approach:

in3 aligns Accountability, Capability and Culture organization objectives to:
Deliver actionable solutions that drive organization, team & individual outcomes to produce measurable results.

Our customized solutions are tailored to your specific challenges.

Our methods and tools have been developed, tested, and implemented in business settings for over 20 years. Additionally, our inSIGHT tools have been evaluated by the Illinois Institute of Technology to ensure their reliability and predictive power. They capture the right amount of detail via an understandable, clear model.

in3 specializes in:

Growth Issues
Organization, Team & Individual Performance
Management Software: Selection Systems / Performance-Talent-Succession Systems
M & A Integration
Large-Scale Change Issues

We invite you to contact us so that we can better understand your needs. You are a partnership away from a breakthrough solution.