in3 Overview

Systematically improving Accountability, Capability, and Motivation, is an overlooked source of competitive advantage.  Clients using in3‘s framework and tools experience significant profitability gains, project ROI over 500%, turnover reduction from 75% to 3% and productivity increases over 38%.  It is like investing in a mechanism that keeps on giving, year after year.

Clients experience these results because in3’s framework and tools deliver on the promise of Hunter & Schmidt’s seminal work which revealed that management ‘A’ players perform 50% better than their peers. For some jobs, like sales or software design, ‘A’ players perform 100% and 1200% better than their peers, respectively. Gallup research reveals that all opportunity and efficiency gains are due to these outstanding performers. Because of in3’s systematic foundation, clients get this annual performance advantage for the same headcount or payroll cost.

In 2000, founder Don Jastrebski launched in3 Consulting around a culture model. This research-based framework explains why organizations do what they do and why people, strategies, and systems sometimes work and sometimes don’t. Quite simply, the model unlocks a company’s genetic code. This key component identifies why an employee, customer, or practice fits and why another does not. This key to a company’s culture is the first part of the in3 trilogy, and its foundational piece. However, as important as culture is, its impact on performance and profitability is maximized by bringing it into line with Accountability and Capability initiatives.

To maximize performance, Accountability, Capability, and Culture must perfectly align, or ‘Fit’, like a strand of DNA. Degrees of ‘Fit’ are reflected in companies’ Engagement scores, which mirror the cognitive and emotional attachment of people to their work. Engagement, and its resultant benefits, is the fruit of an organization that gives work meaning. In the end, clients make more money, save more money, and solve difficult problems. To summarize, in3 helps clients improve performance, execute initiatives, integrate organizations, or change culture by using the right framework and tools.