Performance depends on execution. in3’s inTEGRATE 9-Block platform brings together knowing what to do and the talent to execute it.

Execution depends on rigorous frameworks, methodologies, tools & techniques, particularly in Process & Technology. However, Human Capital Management usually lacks rigorous frameworks, methodologies, tools and techniques because leaders, being human, think they are experts in this area. in3’s inTEGRATE platform fills this void.

The inTEGRATE platform measures against company values, prioritize job accountability areas, measures and reward goals, sets org and job capability standards, identifies talent gaps, generates structured behavioral interview guides, and sets training goals

 inTEGRATE Modules at a glance

WHAT it is

inTEGRATE is a Performance and Talent management software platform that measures employee Planning, Performance, and Potential

WHO uses it

The platform is generally used by salaried personnel, although any employee can be loaded on the system provided they have the discretion to set personal goals and measures, their job has defined roles and their job is mapped to a competency model.

HOW it works

People set their own goals and measures for each job role (accountability area), and evaluate themselves against a competency model.  They also target training and career goals.  Their manager reviews their work and may modify it depending on their own goals and measures.  A review meeting is held, discussion takes place, and final goals, measures, and competence are posted.  At the end of a review period, performance to goals is evaluated, a 9 Block rating is generated, and the process repeats itself.

WHAT you learn

People learn what their manager thinks important, what is achievable in a review period, how to measure it, and what is necessary for their career growth.

Managers learn what their direct reports think important, what capability gaps prevent direct reports from achieving objectives, and which direct reports are capable of more responsibility and future promotion.

Leaders learn why an entity or individual performs well or poorly, who are the high-potential players, what is the status of company bench strength, what capability gaps affect performance, and where to focus recruitment or development investments based on aggregate capability gaps.

WHY it’s better

The review process takes less time and is less burdensome to managers because individuals are responsible for their own reviews and career development.  It drives engagement and performance because individual responsibility causes a sense of ownership.  It provides actionable data to leadership because the 9 Block foundation measures both current performance and future potential.  It accelerates execution because it becomes a vehicle for leadership directives to reach the job level and measure an individual’s response to those directives.