Successful change management is aligned with inTEND.

Alignment of Strategy, Culture, Capability, Structure, Goals, Measures, Policies & Procedures substantially impacts organization performance.  in3 aligns the factors that most influence performance. We accomplish this for your organization with inTEND Service Offerings and Tools. They have been tested in change management situations across vastly different cultures and industries, but the outcome has been the same: success.

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inTEND: Service Offerings and Tools at a glance 

WHAT it is

in3 consulting services that help organizations manage change successfully.   These services build a high-performance workforce aligned with strategy, customer, process and technology.  They bring precision and predictability to the people aspects of successful change.

WHO uses it

These services are generally used by leadership with P&L responsibility, who utilize in3 expertise to supplement direct reports with organization specific expertise, to make change happen successfully and more quickly.

HOW it works

in3 uses a Performance Model Framework to address human performance factors (see Resources & Tools Pulldown for further information).  We employ a full suite of tools and methods to manage the Performance Model. We investigate: is an organization motivated to do what it wants to do—will it do it? Does it have the capability to do what it wants to do—can it do it? Is it structured to do what it wants to do—on what is it focused and how is it measured? These are the keys to change management.

WHAT you learn

Leadership learns why poor performance occurs, what to do to achieve great performance, how to prioritize the change solution, and where to implement and execute what’s necessary to achieve the desired change.

WHY it’s better

in3 aligns the factors that most influence performance. in3 uses proprietary tools to provide a clear picture of the context through which successful change must pass. This ‘as-is’ picture enables us to change the right things, at the right time, to get the right results. inVESTIGATIVE Services are better because if we identify the culture, we know the right questions to ask. in3 tools work. They have been tested across industries. Our clients learn to use them as well, and report the same success.