We are a global conglomerate and we needed to completely change our IT culture. It was an association of deep skilled individuals. It had to become a cohesive customer responsive team.  in3 first created a profile of our current IT culture, and then contrasted that with what we said we had to become.  in3 then redesigned all jobs, defined new roles and identified those role’s customer driven goals. To adjust to the desired culture, a person needed to know what was going to change for them personally; and how would they be measured differently. This enabled alignment of goals, from the top to the bottom. It enabled the Director of IT to see at a glance the people who did not hit their goals, which indicated his own goals may be at risk—which was primarily saving the IT function by making it customer responsive. The IT Director could take immediate action, if necessary. This was critical for changing the culture of our IT function.

-Corporate CIO