We are a $25 billion dollar food service company with a famously strong culture. However, a strategy change in our facilities group required a culture change and organization redesign to achieve the desired outcome. Our managers had to execute under the old strategy. The new strategy involved outsourcing to reduce costs. Managers now had to solicit and supervise a portfolio of vendors who then did the execution. The old job designs and performance management system focused on the old objectives, not the new. in3 created a spatial plot of our desired culture, which we thought necessary to execute our new strategy.  Then they contrasted it with the culture we always knew.  We clearly say why we were having the problems we had.  Then in3 redesigned our jobs to match our new strategic goals.  Then in3 matched our people to the new jobs based on their personal culture preferences.  Not everyone fit.  But the ones who did have dramatically improved their performance.  The new system has worked superbly.

-VP Facilities Management