Success stories

Read some snapshots of our clients’ experiences to see how FIT can make a difference in your company.

  • Cut the Cost of Talent Development

    We are a $7B international manufacturer. We had a problem transferring top players from one location to another. Oftentimes the transferee would quit after 6 to 12 months. We have a written culture code that expresses who we are and how we operate, but we were concerned that our culture code was not being lived […]

  • Slash Turnover Cost

    We are a $30M education company that had terrible sales force turnover; 50% of our new hires failed. This was an out of control cost that a smaller company like ours could not absorb. in3’s culture study revealed that all our top sales people had the identical culture profile. The people we were hiring did […]

  • Identify Causes and Reduce Turnover

    We are privately held manufacturer.  We had a serious turnover among our hourly personnel. We did not know if it was a problem with our culture or with our recruiting. We did the engagement survey to check the culture and we scored very well. We have a great culture. Our recruiting parameters are off. We […]

  • M&A Integration That Works

    According to CFO and Fortune Magazines, roughly 75% of mergers and acquisitions are considered “disappointing or outright failures” and only 23% of acquisitions earn their cost of capital. Interestingly, the primary causes of the majority of failures were ‘people problems’ or ‘cultural issues’.  After our acquisition, our problem was integrating our executive team.  We are […]

  • Cut Recruiting Costs – Recruit from Within

    Our company has many business units of varying sizes, from multibillion-dollar entities to others under 50 million. Talent used to be ‘owned’ by the various businesses. As a result, Corporate was spending a fortune bringing talent in from the outside. We wanted to figure out a way to evaluate and promote our top 400 managers […]

  • Solve the Cause of Missed Production Targets

    We are a $40M manufacturer that saw an abrupt drop in our middle management performance level. Believing it to be a culture problem, because many managers were foreign-born, we called in3. in3 discovered it was not a culture fit problem, but a capability fit problem; we had grown faster than our managers’ ability to execute. The […]

  • Eliminate Post-Acquisition In-fighting

    We are a global $6B manufacturer that has grown through acquisition. In the previous era, our corporate IT group directed all IT operations. However, each new acquisition came with its own IT function, who did not want to be told by corporate IT how to run their operation. This eventually led to open rebellion. Our […]

  • IT Culture Change

    We are a global conglomerate and we needed to completely change our IT culture. It was an association of deep skilled individuals. It had to become a cohesive customer responsive team.  in3 first created a profile of our current IT culture, and then contrasted that with what we said we had to become.  in3 then redesigned all […]


Our Clients

Over the years we have had the privilege of working with many clients, both large and small. Here is a sampling of the companies that we have worked with.