1. Motivation. Mike Hobbs: President & Owner, Engineered Glass Products, $50M manufacturer
    1. “We originally called you to help us with hiring the right people to be foreman in our plants. We didn’t know what attributes we were looking for to hire foremen who could be successful in our plant. When we interviewed our best foreman and captured the characteristics that made our best foreman successful, we then started hiring people with those tendencies. Our turnover of foremen dropped by 60%, as we hired foreman based on those who were successful. This allowed us to improve our productivity in the plants by 38% over the next 5 years.”
    2. “The same benefits applied to our management team. We now have people who fit the culture of our company, who are diverse in thinking and background, but work well as team players, both on our executive team, and others who report to them. They are part of the team approach, which allows the company to work together with everyone pulling in the same direction to accomplish the goals of the company.”
    3. “Turnover in management is now less than 5% since we began hiring people who fit the culture of our company.”
  2. Accountability. Steve Sakats, currently SVP Human Resources, Land O’Frost Co., approx. $500M. manufacturer. Then, VP HR, Aramark, commenting on Aramark’s integration of recently acquired ServiceMaster.
    1. “I highly recommend Don Jastrebski, and in3 consulting, for expertise in culture assessment and change, employee engagement, and performance management systems.
    2. Don has helped me in with several assignments spanning two companies. In each assignment, Don has developed strong relationships at all levels of the company. He has provided insight and solutions that always have positive impact on company success measures.
    3. One example of the value of his work occurred after ARAMARK Corporation’s acquisition of the ServiceMaster Management Services business unit. I was responsible for Human Resources for the Business and Industry division. The leadership team was approximately 60% from ARAMARK and 40% ServiceMaster. The team was not coming together and had little trust. Leaders from ARAMARK viewed the ServiceMaster leaders as slow, afraid to act, and not intelligent. ARAMARK leaders were viewed as cowboys who shot from the hip. Don conducted interviews and used his culture model to define differences. He provided the framework and facilitated discussions to help us understand our differences. We went from a disjointed team fighting to keep our old ways to an integrated team working together to create our new performance culture. As a result, our division was recognized by the company for outstanding performance in our first year.
    4. Don explains complex situations in a way that all levels of an organization can understand. He is a thought leader and his solutions produce results.
  3. Capability. L. Kevin Cox, currently Senior Vice President & Chief Human Resource Officer, GE Corp., $147B. Then, VP HR, Pepsi Corp, commenting on Pepsi’s Capability, Talent & Change intervention.
    1. Instrumental in HR planning
    2. Uses model for assessment, for development, and for overall effectiveness
    3. For HR Planning: it provides a method to set standards for development process, it gives teeth, and it’s less soft. It sets standards for the caliber of personnel in the field
    4. Uses it to compare and contrast US regions and Canada
    5. It’s a compass more than a competency model
    6. It has withstood the test of difficult scrutiny, approved and used by many levels
    7. Senior level involvement is critical
    8. Currently developing a 6-step capability plan
    9. Focused Strategy
    10. Clear work definition & objectives
    11. Efficient organization structure
    12. Best tools
    13. Employees Ready
    14. Training that works
    15. General Managers. The next target