Culture FIT: Selection for Success

Although companies may possess the resources to hire the ‘best’ talent, such talent can often fail in a new environment. While candidates can be capable because of past performance and be likeable because of personality, neither reveals how they will operate within a new culture. What do they consider in decision making? How will they prioritize time? Where will they communicate? Does their approach fit with “the way things are done around here”?

Previously successful, likeable people can habitually make decisions that culturally rub the wrong way. People have cultural values and preferences that dictate how they work, which may not mesh with the hiring culture. Past success took place in a cultural context that may differ from the present hiring culture. Personality may reveal how a person interacts with others, but not how they would run an organization should they have the latitude to do so. Our inSIGHT services reveal these issues and help our clients make the best hire.

Regarding M&A integration, understanding and assessing organizational culture is foundational. After a merger or acquisition, a new overall strategy is about to be hoisted on the merged organization.

  • Can the organization’s culture handle the new strategy?

  • Will the organizations’ executives be aligned? Or,

  • While agreeing on what needs to be carried out, will they disagree on the nuances of how?

Our cultural assessment will help you direct and communicate your strategy before you hit the culture icebergs.

We Help You:

  • Direct M&A integration

  • Understand culture/capability needed to handle new initiatives

  • Direct organizational and culture change

  • Optimize the performance of your leadership teams

  • Assess and mitigate culture clash

  • Develop practical culture alignment

  • Assess your strategic priorities with culture

  • Know whether your culture will help or hinder your strategic objectives.

  • Target the customer base by understanding cultural connection

We Specialize In:

Enabling Strategy via Culture / Improving Individual, Team & Organization Performance / Acquisitions & Merger Integration / Guiding Large-Scale Change / Selection Systems for Leadership / Engagement

Streamline team performance. Drive fiscal results.

Effectively assess and focus Fit, Development, and Change within the areas of HR Strategy,Talent Management, and Organizational Effectiveness.