Create Effective Organizations

Context: Who’s the customer? What do they want? How are they evaluating?

Organization Effectiveness upgrades the environment expected to deliver performance (what we call Context). Organizations can have the Culture and Capability to execute strategy, but if the Context is not aligned, strategy is set-up for failure.

Generally, Context is taken for granted. Context factors are commonly mis-aligned because organizations do not reframe them upon completion of past strategies, initiatives or priorities. Rare is the organization that has all Context factors aligned with its current strategy.

Context factors include:

  • Shared Mindset,

  • Structure,

  • Job Design,

  • Goals & Measures,

  • Policies & Procedures.

Organization Effectiveness deals with the following issues:

  • Do people fit the culture, capability and metric requirements of structures, processes, and jobs?

  • Do they understand the priorities of the customer. Do their goals and measures reflect that?

  • Do they fit with the future (opportunities, career track, rewards, current assignments) the organization and its strategy has to offer?

These factors, in proper alignment, can substantially influence performance. The better the fit of people’s needs, values, and capability with the organization’s Context, the better the performance. Our Organization Effectiveness methodology makes that happen.

We Specialize In:

Enabling Strategy via Culture / Improving Individual, Team & Organization Performance / Acquisitions & Merger Integration / Guiding Large-Scale Change / Selection Systems for Leadership / Engagement

Streamline team performance. Drive fiscal results.

Effectively assess and focus Fit, Development, and Change within the areas of People Strategy, Talent Management, and Organizational Effectiveness.