We Can Guide You to Success

in3 has extensive experience in all aspects of organizational change. We offer the following services designed to guide your organization to success:

Culture Analysis and Change

Identify the hidden strengths and weaknesses of your organization’s different cultural entities. Integrate those strengths and weaknesses in overall business strategy.  Increase competitiveness by playing to strengths.

Organization Performance Improvement/Alignment

An OD tune-up.  Dramatically increase organizational performance by:

  • Getting the right people

  • In the right seats

  • Producing the right results.

The in3 calculator predicts the values of performance impact based on the latest OD research. Proprietary in3 methodology & tools examine culture, capability and context fit. The better the fit, the better the performance.  This service shapes the organization for optimal performance.

Acquisitions/Merger Integration and Large-Scale Change Guidance

Predict compatibility, set realistic expectations, and anticipate barriers. Streamline integration based on Culture, Capability and Context FIT.
Make your organization’s transformation successful by providing a pictorial/spatial frame of reference for managing change, anticipating challenges, and building the foundation for a high performance culture.

Leadership: Assessment, Selection, Promotion and Succession

Get the most value from your Talent investment by building a leadership bench that fits your desired organizational culture and needed capability. Appropriately assess & screen candidates. Promote based on potential and FIT.

High Performance Teams

Identity and remove sources of conflict within teams. Design team roles that play to individual’s strengths and natural preferences.  Adjust context to enable individuals to fit and provide their optimal contribution.

FIT Based Selection Systems

Use the proprietary Methodology and inSIGHT tools to examine culture, capability, and personal characteristics that differentiate your organization’s ‘star’ performers from the average. Create customized web-based selection systems that ensure top talent for your leadership pipeline. The better the fit, the better the performance.


Conduct engagement surveys to:

  • Benchmark your current level of fit

  • Identify your potential for improvement

  • Set goals for targeted future development

  • Identify areas of business strengths and weakness and address them

  • Estimate the dollar value of future productivity increases based on enGAGEMENT improvement targets.

We Specialize In:

Enabling Strategy via Culture / Improving Individual, Team & Organization Performance / Acquisitions & Merger Integration / Guiding Large-Scale Change / Selection Systems for Leadership / Engagement

Streamline team performance. Drive fiscal results.

Effectively assess and focus Fit, Development, and Change within the areas of People Strategy, Talent Management, and Organizational Effectiveness.