Avoid the ‘Peter Principle’ (promoting to incompetence)

Successful talent management requires not only selecting the right individuals, but retaining those individuals and motivating them to perform. You want to hire, acquire, and promote individuals who will not only produce, but will continue to produce for the long term.

Capability is the capacity to execute. The organization can know what to do (Context) and have the will to do it (Culture), but fail due to lack of capability. The capability (talent) system should capture both the ability the organization has, and the ability it requires. Packaged competency models do not capture unique organization-specific knowledge, or cultural expertise, or industry-specific strengths, and therefore overlook key requirements. Structured analysis identifies the strengths that drive great performance and the gaps that cause poor performance. This analysis provides the road map for intervention and the development of future talent.

Whether its promoting, hiring, or merging organization talent pools, we  identify the culture and capability competencies that you need and help you build a roadmap to develop your talent base.

We work so that you can:

  • Select, hire, and promote with predictability

  • Retain high-performance individuals

  • Drive employee motivation

  • Strategically identify executive succession

  • Streamline executive teamwork

  • Drive new performance levels

  • Reliably predict performance and culture fit before you hire

  • Pinpoint your selection process to hire the individuals you really need

  • Align executive and leadership teams

  • Improve onboarding and retention of key performers

We Specialize In:

Enabling Strategy via Culture / Improving Individual, Team & Organization Performance / Acquisitions & Merger Integration / Guiding Large-Scale Change / Selection Systems for Leadership / Engagement

Streamline team performance. Drive fiscal results.

Effectively assess and focus Fit, Development, and Change within the areas of People Strategy, Talent Management, and Organizational Effectiveness.