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Whether you’re small, mid-sized, or a large business, in3 can help you avoid pitfalls and increase your bottom line.

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Culture starts with the right fit, use our performance model to stop wasting money on the wrong hires.


Performance Model

I’ve used in3 for over 20 years to increase engagement, enhance culture, and to be more profitable. I invite you to explore this website to discover what in3 can do for you.

Justin Ahrens, Rule29

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Problems We Solve

Our proven framework, methodology and suite of digital tools can be customized to execute a high-impact people strategy for driving growth and resolving issues.


Performance: Radically improve performance by methodically measuring and rewarding the right things.


Selection: Significantly improve hit rate by selecting on the attributes, mindset, and talented profile of current “A” players.


Sales: Dramatically improve sales by restructuring the sales organization based on the mindset, qualities, and talent profile of “A” players


Turnover: Drastically reduce turnover by systematically fitting people to company values and culture preferences, and measuring and rewarding performance.


Change: Appreciably improve change effectiveness by anticipating barriers and critical path through culture profiling.

“Turnover in management is now less than 5% since we began hiring people who fit the culture of our company.”

Mike Hobbs

Owner / President, Engineered Glass Products

“I highly recommend Don Jastrebski, and in3 consulting, for expertise in culture assessment and change, employee engagement, and performance management systems.”

Steve Sakats

SVP Human Resources, Land O’Frost Co.