Accountability inTEND

Will your organization naturally execute on what’s expected?

Jobs atrophy over time so a job’s focus becomes diffused. Time gets wasted on unimportant things, because key roles are not redefined for new business demands.

Accountability, structure, job-processes, policy-programs

Although the culture can be mapped, and the capability engine revved up, the road to success is often neither mapped nor measured. Redefined and weighted job roles aid employees and their managers in determining what the customer wants and how to achieve it. in3’s inTENTION methodology:

  • identifies what the internal/external customer expects
  • how it should be measured
  • when it should be delivered


Ensure Culture and Capability FIT

Focusing job roles creates a sense of purpose, cutting wasted time and concentrating efforts to make an impact. Clear, quantifiable metrics allow informed managers to guide projects to completion. Employees know what to expect, and managers know how to evaluate.

Contextual inTENTION is the last piece of the trifold FIT Model, ensuring that culture and capability FIT result in practical business outcomes. Customer FIT guides your strategic arrow to reach its target, aligning policies and procedures to enhance delivery. Whether it’s at the individual, team, or organizational level, we want you to accomplish what you set out to do. If you’re interested in finding out how to hone your aim, please contact us.

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