Performance Model

The Performance Model provides a framework to address the factors that affect human performance.

Accountability, structure, job-processes, policy-programs


How is the organization structured? Will it naturally execute on what’s expected?

Accountability is the accurate understanding of the environment that is expected to deliver performance. Accountability includes  Strategy and Operating Model aspects such as Structure/Process/Job design, Goals, Measures, and Policies/Procedures/Programs. These factors, in proper alignment, can substantially impact an organization’s performance. The fit between employees and these contextual elements directly impacts performance.

Capability (Competence)

Can the organization do what’s expected?

Ability is the capacity to execute. The organization may know what to do and be willing to do it, but fail due to lack of ability.  A Competency Model should capture both the ability possessed and the ability required by the organization. Packaged competency models do not reflect unique organization nuance and capability.  Analysis of competence identifies strengths that drive great performance and the gaps that cause poor performance. This provides the road map for developmental, motivational and contextual intervention.

Capability, competence, proficiency, impact level
Motivation, Values, Culture preferences, Vision and mission


Will the organization do what’s expected?

Motivation is the desire or passion to execute. An organization may know what to do, have the ability to do it, but still fail because of lack of passion.  Wise leadership, with a rich understanding of organizational culture, drives motivation by manipulating cultural levers.  Accurate understanding of Culture makes good leaders great.  Over the long run, motivation is a function of “fit.”  No matter what the ability, the better an initiative or individual fits a culture’s inherent strengths and weaknesses, the better the motivation.

How does in consulting apply the performance model?

The Complete Approach

Through our partners, in³ can provide an even more holistic approach integrating strategy, emotional branding, and brand implementation on the front end, with robust motivational systems and performance management on the back end.

Rather than contracting multiple firms to address separate customer & employee issues, utilize in3 to lead one integrated project to address both, to ensure that the brand promised is the one the organization can deliver. In this integrated approach, in³ partner consultancies with deep functional expertise work from a common in³ methodology. This reduces project cost by eliminating back office redundancies and rework. The payoff is an integrated customer/employee engagement approach, which captures Market, Cultural and Performance Model aspects, for less cost than an un-integrated approach using separate consulting firms.

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