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Motivation is a Company’s Foundational Bedrock

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A person’s culture preference is not their personality. Cultural preferences are the undercurrent of beliefs and habits regarding how things should be done. Cultural currents that flow together achieve goals more quickly, while conflicting undercurrents result in either turbulence or stagnation. Culture FIT is critical for emotional attachment. It will be difficult or impossible for employees to buy into a company’s vision or mission if they are not connecting on everyday practices and procedures.
Motivation appears to be a “soft” practice but it packs some pretty hard bottom-line results. After analyzing motivation FIT with our inSIGHT tool, you can:


    Motivation is a “soft” practice that packs some pretty hard bottom line results. After analyzing motivation FIT with our inSIGHT tool, you can:

    • Hire talent that not only hits the ground running but stays for the long term.
    • Write actionable strategy that works because of cultural alignment
    • Align initiatives with executive team & organizational strengths.
    • Enjoy higher employee buy-in because they share the culture, which raises engagement and productivity.
    • Predict culture clash in M&A activity before it happens and create solutions that work.

    In these and other ways, culture FIT is practical, achievable, and related to bottom-line results. Culture can be ignored but not neutralized. Don’t turn a blind eye. Use inSIGHT to catapult your organization to success.

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